Genetic Statistics

Statistics/Genetics 536

Fall, 2006

This course introduces the field of population genetics, the science concerned with the genetic structure of populations and the forces that alter that structure.  Formally, the course description is

Probability applied to genetic systems; random mating; selection, mutation and migration; theory of inbreeding; effects of finite population size; basic concepts in quantitative genetics; prediction of progress from artificial selection.
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wk. 6 (9/26)wk. 7 (10/3)wk. 8 (10/10)wk. 9 (10/24)wk. 10 (10/31)
coalescent diversity
By topic:
| back mutation | Bailey's method | biology intro | boostrap | bottleneck
| effective population size | extinction probability | EM algorithm | fertility
| finite isoalleles model | fixation probability | Fisher's approximation | genetic load
| Hardy-Weinberg disequilibrium | Haldane-Muller | gene flow | hypothesis testing
| island model (finite N) | infinite isoalleles model | jackknife | Lagrange multipliers
| linkage disequilibrium | maximum likelihood method | migration | mutation
| Ne | Newton-Raphson | one island model (finite N) | overdominance
| power calculations | probability | selection | underdominance | viability
| variance estimation | Whalund effect | Wright-Fisher model (with selection)
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Instructor: Karin S. Dorman
Office: Snedecor 210C (4-8392); Science II 534 (4-6078)
Office Hours: On demand
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Lectures: TR 3:40 - 5:00 in MBB 1424
Textbook: None required. References:
  • Hartl and Clark. Principles of Population Genetics
  • Gillespie. Population Genetics: A Concise Guide
  • Ewens. Mathematical Population Genetics
  • Weir. Genetic Data Analysis II
Grading: Homework: 40%
Exams (midterm plus final (12/14/06 at 2:15)):  40%
Final project:  20%
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Supplementary Materials

Jobs in Statistical Genetics

I may list a (noncomprehensive) taste of the kinds of jobs available to people with training in this area during the semester.

Statistical Genetics Websites

Disability Statement

Iowa State University complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act and Sect 504 of the Rehabilitation Act. If you have a disability and anticipate needing accommodations in this course, please contact me within the first two weeks of the semester. Retroactive requests for accommodations will not be honored. Before meeting with me, you will need to obtain a SAAR form with recommendations for accommodations from the Disability Resources Office, located in Room 1076 on the main floor of the Student Services Building. Their telephone number is 515-294-7220.

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