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Ubuntu and many similar linux variants determine what daemons and scripts are run at boot time by placing links to /etc/init.d scripts in the /etc/rc*.d/ directories.  While you can certainly manage these links yourself (links starting with S are run at boot time and links starting with K are killed at shutdown in the other given by the number that follows the S or K), it can be hard to know the order in which the scripts should run.  The Boot-up Manager is a graphical interface to the startup scripts that makes life easy.  You can find it in the Systems menu if it is installed.

0Example: turn off kvm at boot
  1. Install "bum" (Boot-up Manager): sudo apt-get install bum
  2. Start Boot-up Manager (in systems menu) and untick "Full virtualization on i386 and amd64 hardware - kvm"
  3. Click Apply
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