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0Obtaining CBrother and Related Code

0cBrother Source
You can download the latest version of cBrother source by clicking on one of the following links:
cbrother2.0.tar.gz external link (tar/gzip format) external link (zip format)

0cBrother Executables
Currently, we only offer a Windows XP executable:
cbrother.exe external link (Windows XP executable)

0cBrother Example Files
The example files from the tutorial or the default command file are distributed with the source or from links in the tutorial.  Here you can download them separately. external link (zip format)
cmdfile external link (plain text)

You may also wish to download a collection of perl scripts/modules to analyze the posterior files produced by cBrother.
procpost1.1.tar.gz external link (tar/gzip format) external link (zip format)

The best way to learn about using cBrother is to read the tutorial.  It explains how to use cBrother and how to analyze the results.
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