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0References for Design and Analysis of Computer Experiments

0Validation and Calibration

Dave Higdon, Marc Kennedy, James C. Cavendish, John A. Cafeo, Robert D. Ryne, Combining Field Data and Computer Simulations for Calibration and Prediction, in 26 Siam J Sci. Comput., 2, 448-466 (2004), external link

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Katrin Heitmann, David Higdon, Charles Nakhleh, & Salman Habib, Cosmic Calibration, in 646 The Astrophysical Journal, 2, L1-L4 (2006), Discusses use of SVD, external link

0Experimental Design

Boxin Tang, Orthogonal Array-Based Latin Hypercubes, in 88 Jornal of the American Statistical Association, 424, 1392-1397 (1993), external link

Kai Tai Fang, Dennis Lin, Peter Winker, Yong Zhang, Uniform Design: Theory and Application, in 42 Technometrics, 3 (2000)

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