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To convert between Linux and MS-DOS newline conventions, consider the utility flip.
flip -u <file>: converts <file> to unix format
flip -m <file>: convert <file> to DOS format

Apparently, Microsoft Word for Macintosh uses vertical tab (VT, ASCII 11) to mark end-of-line.  When saved as "text only", these are converted to carriage return (CR, ASCII 13).  Linux (and OS X) uses line feed (LF, ASCII 10) to mark end-of-line.  The utility flip -u converts between CR+LF and LF, so it does no correct this problem!  I wrote a program crlf.c to handle this situation.

You may also use awk or perl to fix:
perl -p -i -e 's/\r/\n/g' <file> # converts from Mac to Linux, remember as perl pie.
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