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I have long been interested why women don't feel as capable in mathematics and other quantitative fields (computer science, physics, and engineering) as men, when all the evidence shows that if men have an intellectual advantage it is minor and possibly explained by the prejudice itself.  From the high school calculus teacher who told my parents (who told me years later) and insinuated to me that I wasn't as strong in mathematics as the boy who sat in front of me to the college professor who changed my life by showing me how mathematics was exciting and relevant to biology (both male, by the way), I've experienced both positive and negative influences in my path towards mathematics.

If you are interested in combining mathematics (or another quantitative field) and biology, you may wish to see my last Take the Road Less Traveled Presentation (pdf).  For learning more about the bias against quantitative females, see the links below. external link: Female professors strongly impact whether female students, especially ones strong in math, enter the STEM fields.
Why so few women? external link: Girls do better in math when they learn and see that studying mathematics improves your mathematical skills, i.e. mathematical ability is not something you are just born with. external link: Blog about encouraging women to enter STEM fields. external link: Want some encouragement to try STEM?  There may be help. external link: Clever psychological tests show you if there might be biases influencing your interaction with others, including your predisposition toward the idea that boys are better in math.
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