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Many of our fears are not logical.  These fears lead us to make decisions that do not actually reduce the fear-invoking risks we end up facing.  For example, driving to a destination across the country is riskier than flying, but it certainly doesn't feel that way.

The supreme court is supposed to exist above baseless fears.  It is supposed to see through the emotions and enforce the truth.  Sometimes it is even supposed to reinterpret old truths in the face of new evidence and times.

There is no greater, logical argument to ban guns than the above article, regardless of your position on the second amendment.  Please think about it, emotions aside.

Or, if you insist on giving individuals the right to commit suicide (via their gun) then please be consistent and give people the right to end their life in other ways, such as doctor-delivered drug concoctions for the terminally ill.  Follow the reality of your argument to its logical conclusion.
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