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Health care is a right

Your health should never be the basis of anyone's profit.

We must develop a single-payer system external link, but congress and Obama have eliminated it as a possibility.  We are told it cannot pass*.  It must pass.  Please read why external link and write/call external link your senators and representatives!

*Max Baucus external link, chair of Senate Finance Committee


How can the free market possibly solve the health care problem?  As we enter the century of biology external link, we will gain (expensive) techniques for customized medicine.  At the same time and with the same technology, it will become increasingly easy for insurance companies to screen applicants for expensive diseases, afflictions, and futures.  In a free market economy, it makes no sense for insurance companies to cover these high risk people.  So, they will suffer uninsured until their health reaches a critical point.  Then what?  Will we watch them die in the street?  Whatever happened to the concept of society?

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