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0Iowa State University Disposal/Debris Policy

Below are guidelines to facilitate procedures in handling disposal of debris at Iowa State University.

It is our goal to provide quality trash removal services for the campus community.  

When cleaning out your office, reallocating space in your department, installing additional equipment and assistance is needed for additional trash receptacles, trash bags or to dispose of these materials, please submit a service request via the web site at and FPM will assist you with your request.
Please do not place items in the hallways for disposal.  This may block egress out of buildings and can create an unsafe situation in case of an emergency.  

Office furniture, equipment and any misc. departmental items is the responsibility of the department to dispose of by contacting Central Stores ISU Surplus (294-8484) to schedule removal/disposal of items.  No furniture, pallets, wood, computers, etc. in the dumpsters. The only things that should be going in the dumpsters are burnable trash.

Large and/or heavy quantities of books, magazines, paper files, electronic data storage items are the responsibility of the department to dispose of.  It is important that all confidential materials be disposed of properly.  If assistance is needed to dispose of these materials please submit a service request via the web site at and the appropriate department will schedule the assistance you requested.

Biological debris/waste are the responsibility of the department to dispose of.  Please contact the custodian in your area or FPM custodial department at 294-2812 or 294-5100 if additional bags are needed.

Shipping packing/popcorn/peanuts is the responsibility of the department to dispose of.  Packing materials must be secured in trash bags and disposed of in the appropriate dumpster.  This will assist in keeping the University campus free from blowing trash and debris.  If you are in need of trash bags please contact your building custodian or FPM custodial department at 294-2812 or 294-5100.  

Light tubes/Bulbs:  If you have used light tubes from your office, please contact the custodian for proper disposal.  To meet ISU and Governmental guidelines lights must be disposed of properly labeled and in appropriate storage areas.  If you have any questions regarding light and lamp disposal please contact 294-5100 or custodial Department at 294-2812.

Break down cardboard boxes and stack in cardboard collection site for your building.  This supports the Iowa State Universities effort in recycling.  If you have large quantities of card board please schedule pick-up of cardboard.  If you do not have a collection site at your building contact Facilities Planning and Management at 294-0692

White Paper recycling is the responsibility of each building occupant.  This program is voluntary.  The custodian in your building is responsible for putting the big blue recycle bins on the dock for pick up.

Construction material, shipping crates, pallets, plant waste and/or leaves will be placed on the dock for pick up. Contact Campus Services at 294-1474 to schedule pick-up of construction debris.  Do not dispose of construction material in dumpsters as this material is not accepted at the Ames solid waste facility.  

Disposal of plastic pipettes, dishes, containers can be disposed of in regular trash as long as they have been autoclaved and pose no biological hazards. (Verified by EHS).  Pipettes are a sharps/puncture concern and must be boxed and sealed prior to disposal in regular trash receptacle.  

Disposal of metal sharps, glass pipettes, dishes and containers is the responsibility of the department to dispose of and cannot be deposited in trash containers.  Please contact EHS for proper Disposal and pick up procedures.

Effective immediately, do not put any glass in the dumpsters:

Collect broken glass in a sturdy, puncture-resistant, and leak-resistant container labeled as "Broken Glass."  A sturdy cardboard box lined with a heavy-duty plastic bag meets these criteria.

If you have any questions regarding waste services please contact Jon Paul Haggard, Manager Custodial Services 290-0975 and/or Les Lawson, Manager Campus Services 290-4006

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