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The sectsty package controls the spacing of section headings; the mdwlist package controls the spacing for lists; the geometry package controls the overall margins and text area of the document. All of these packages must be called in the preamble of the document and specified when called. For example,

To change the margins, use
\oddsidemargin 0.0in
\oddsidemargin 1.0in
\textwidth 6.0in
\headheight 1.0in
\topmargin 0.5in
\textheight 9.0in
\footheight 1.0in

All side margins on single-sided pages are controlled with the \oddsidemargin command. The distance from the left side of the page to the left side of the text is one inch + \oddsidemargin. To set margins of less than 1in, set the \oddsidemargin command with a negative length like -0.5in. The right margin is changed by combining the \oddsidemargin (default of 1) with the \textwidth. Thus, if you wanted to have 1inch margins on the left and the right sides of the page (on 8.5X11inch paper), you would use the commands:

\oddsidemargin 0.0in
\textwidth 6.5

If you are writing a document with even and odd sided pages, then use the \evensidemargin command in addition to the \oddsidemargin command. Both commands are used within the same framework.

The vertical style parameters are complicated and setting \topmargin=0in will not negate the top space of the page, even with no headers.
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