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Detexify external link: scribble symbols on the screen and get back potential LaTeX code
LaTeXReferences: natbib, biblatex
CountWordsinLatex?: to count the number of words in a LaTeX file, try dvips -o - file.dvi | ps2ascii | wc -w
PositionOverWide: see \makebox
WrapFigures: floatflt, wrapfig, or picinpar
TabularVerticalSpacing: [0.5ex] after \\
TabularVerticalAlignment: \usepackage{array}
HeaderFooter: use fancyhdr package
PDFLatex: how to process latex with pdflatex
WideBar?: when \bar is to narrow, consider \overline instead
LaTeXIfThenElse: \ifnum or write a macro for string comparison
LaTeXMargins: \topmargin, \textheight, \oddsidemargin, \textwidth
VerbatimInBeamer: use option fragile
Verbatim in Commands external link: general trouble with verbatim environment
SpellCheckLaTeX?: ispell -t <file.tex>
LaTexSymbols: see ~/manuals/latex_symbols.pdf for the complete list
LaTeXSpaceAfterSymbol?: if space is ignored after a symbol, for example \textcent in the textcomp package, then follow the symbol by \ (that is backslash followed by space).
InstallLaTexPackage: sudo texhash to index new style files
SubFigure: use, labeling
All LaTeX Commands external link in alphabetical order.
LaTeXBreaks: \linebreak
LaTeXFullStop: .\ to avoid extra space after full stop; \@. to indicate a full stop.
LaTeXBibliographyHeader?: \renewcommand\bibitem{\subsection*{References}} for natbib or \renewcommand\refitem{\subsection*{Bibliography}} for thebibliography
LaTeXProtect: \protect
LaTeXMathBold?: \mathbf{} changes font or \boldsymbol{} does not
BeamerTheorems?: to use Beamer with amsthm in article or book mode, please use option noamsthm in package beamerarticle: \usepackage[noamsthm]{beamerarticle}: allow theorem environments in beamer
SimpleBeamer: how to simplify/adjust beamer style, including removing beamer navigation bar
LaTeXBlankLines?: \underline{\hspace{1in}}
BibTeXSpecialCharacters?: {\~{n}} in author names avoids getting interpreted as a safe space
TUGIndia external link: TeX tutorials
LaTeXExams: use the exam document class external link
dvipdf?: convert dvi files to pdf; sometimes works with dvips plus ps2pdf does not
StretchyMid: conditional probability with stretchy/adjustable \mid (midline) use \center\vert\; between \left and \right bracketing construct
MultilineDelimiter: use \vphantom to insert the object which determines the height in the line without it
LaTeXAbsoluteValue?: \vert
PageNumber: \thispagestyle{empty} after \maketitle to remove page numbers on title page
r v e r t for single, stretchable vertical bar from amsmath, for example the mathematical operator "evaluate at"
LaTeXMathFonts?: \mathbb is defined in package amsfonts
Load natbib before algorithm2e to avoid serious problems with citations.
LaTeXOldEnvironmentInsideNewEnvironment: When defining your own environment with \newenvironment to use an old environment called env, start and end with \env and \endenv.
JpgToPdf?: convert *.jpg new.pdf converts jpeg files to pdf using the imagemagick package
\^{}: caret over empty text allows ^ in text
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