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LearningLinux: help for learning Linux
SettingUpSSH: help setting up ssh to connect to remote servers from various types of client machines

0For the General User
BashHints: hints for using the bash shell, the thing (software) that interprets your commands at the command prompt
FilePermissions: permission to read, write, and execute files is strictly controlled in linux
FindFiles: how to find files from the command prompt in linux
FixNonLinuxFiles: how to convert to/from non-linux files
GraphicalFileManager?: Looking for a Window's File Explorer?  Try nautilus, konqueror, or pcmanfm.
PDFManipulation: There are commands to merge pdf files, extract pages, etc.  To create a pdf file from just about anything on Windows, see MicrosoftToPDF.
RedirectOutput: Output to the screen can be captured in a file, e.g. to redirect both stderr and stdout to the same file try $ cmd > file 2>&1
ScreenShots: Want to capture some image on your screen in linux?  Here are some ideas.
Sound?: Install or run gnome-alsamixer to turn on/off microphone, speakers, and control volume.
SyncingFiles: rsync is useful for syncing files across multiple machines or disks, with uses for backup and synchronization across multiple machines
SSH: help setting up/using ssh
VNCDesktop: If you are tired of the command prompt, you can learn to run graphical programs on a remote server from your client machine.
WindowsInLinux: You can also install windows inside linux using VirtualBox? or other virtual machine software.
MemoryUsage: How much  memory is my program using?
SoftwareHints?: Annoying software quirks.
ChangeLinuxDefaultApplication?: sudo update-alternatives –config x-www-browser where x-www-browser is anything in /etc/alternatives

0For the Programmer
LinkingCode: how to build code with linked static or dynamic libraries
UsingAwk: awk --field-separator "\t" '!/<match>/ {print $17}' <file> prints the 17th column of each line in <file> not matching <match> to STDOUT

AudibleBell: immediately: xset b off
DeleteWebmail?: telnet.krb -faxl kdorman and rm .WebMail?/INBOX/[0-9]*
KeepWirelessAwake: sudo iwconfig wlan0 txpower fixed; sudo iwconfig wlan0 power off
Keyboard: how to change the keyboard layout for typing special characters and symbols
LCDProjector: Add option "Clone" "On" in xorg.conf "Device" section
ISUVpn: getting vpn to install on linux
MailAtISU: general issues about getting mail working at ISU
ConfigureScreenSaver: xscreensaver-demo for graphics or ~/.xscreensaver or /etc/X11/app-defaults/XScreenSaver
SpecialCharacters: ctrl+shift+u+hexidecimal_code+enter
XubuntuMenu: add new application to start menu by creating appropriate .desktop file in /usr/share/applications
WPALinux: how to use WPA authentication with Ubuntu

0For the Administrator
Apt: apt-file search <file> to find package that provides file, installed or not
BootUpManager: controlling the /etc/init.d (startup) scripts
DefaultBrowser?:  sudo update-alternatives –config x-www-browser
FreeDiskSpace?: sudo apt-get clean
RemoteGnomeConfiguration: gnome-control-center
KillCommand: gently kill a running process with kill -s SIGQUIT <pid>
WhatIsMyIP external link: ifconfig in linux, but to be sure, click on the link.
LinuxMailDelivery: exim or postfix
PamTally external link: reset a blocked account with pam_tally --user <username> --reset
UsingPatch: diff -u <orig> <new> > diff.patch; patch < diff.patch in the directory with <orig>
PythonUninstall?: ./ install --record <filename> && delete all files in <filename>
InstallRocks: install software to all compute nodes on Rocks Cluster
DealingWithSELinux: a major pain so far, try restorecon -v <filename>
LinuxStartup: the Debian/Ubuntu way: sudo update-rc.d FOO defaults | remove
ResetTime?: sudo date --set="13:39:45"
UserLoginManagement?: skill -KILL -u kdorman to force logout; skill -STOP -u kdorman to pause login and then unpause: skill -CONT -u kdorman
BlockingRogueDHCPServer: block by unique feature configured in /etc/dhcp3/dhclient.conf
LinuxHint1: /usr/libexec/rmt: No such file or directory
PackagesCannotBeAuthenticated?: don't forget apt-get update first!  See more details external link
CPUInformation?: cat /proc/cpuinfo
Remove ppa repository: sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository>/<directory>
PackageOwningFile: find package providing a file you want to install
FormatUSBDrive: sudo mkfs.ext4 -O ^has_journal /dev/sdb1 (although replace /dev/sdb1 with the right drive!!)
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