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ClawsMailKeyBindings: mouse over option, type keys to bind or del to remove key-binding
FirefoxHints: alt+Home for home
KonsoleMenuBar?: when the menu bar is hidden in Konsole, you can raise with ctrl+alt+M
ConfigureKMail: ~/.kde/share/config/[kmailrc|kmail.eventsrc|emaildefault|emailidentities] and ~/Mail/
ProjectHamster: simple time tracker
SVNHints: various
GITHints: various
Tasque: simple todo list
VirtualboxHints?: right-ctrl+f for full-screen
WakkaHints: hints about coding this wakka
apvlv pdf viewer with vi key bindings
xournal can edit/markup pdf files
GnuCashDeleteSplit?: Right click on single line of split and choose to "Delete Transaction"  It will not actually delete the WHOLE transaction, just the split!  It asks for confirmation so you can verify this is indeed true.
Remind: flexible, programmable reminder program
CharacterSets: Unicode, UTF, etc.
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