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  1. Use the following two lines right after documentclass.
  2. Include "times" package. This replaces LaTeX PK fonts with PostScript? Type I fonts. In fact, when you convert the corresponding PS output, generated by latex/dvips with the aid of this "times" package alone, into PDF file using ps2pdf or Denise's PDF distiller gives a pretty good result except for mathematical expressions.
  3. Use \pdfgraphics command right after \begin{document}.
  4. Do not use file extensions for your \includegraphics command. LaTeX assumes ".eps" extension and PDFLaTeX look for the specification given by \pdfgraphics definition above. You need to convert all the EPS figures into the corresponding PDF files using epstopdf. epstopdf doesn't accept multiple files. You may find the following bash function useful, since it accepts wild card character like *,?. Put this function in your .bashrc file if you want to use it.
    eps2pdf () {
    	for arg;
    		echo "$arg => ${arg/eps/pdf}";
    		epstopdf $arg;

  5. Do not use PostScript? specific command like psfrag and pstrics to generate your figure. They are not portable! When you want to use mathematical expressions in your figure, I advise you to use Combined PS/LaTeX (both parts) to export your figure in xfig program. It generates file.pstex and file.pstex_t. Just use LaTeX mathematical expressions in xfig and don't forget to set "special" flag for the text. Then the LaTeX mathematical expressions go into file.pstex_t and the others are saved into file.pstex, which you need to rename to file.eps. You can convert this file.eps file into PDF file using epstopdf. You also need to delete the file extension .pstex in \includegraphics command in the top of file.pstex_t file. In your LaTeX file you use \input{file.pstex_t} to include the figure. Refer to the 1st and 4th figures in Lie-Liang's LaTeX file for an example. If there is no mathematical expression, just use EPS to export your figure.
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