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RDropLevels?: droplevels(d$Factor) drop unused levels from a factor, for example after a subset().
CreatingTriangularMatrices: ma[upper.tri(ma)] <- 0 | NA
RPlotCoordinates?: locator()
RTerminalWidth?: so output uses full width of terminal, use options(width=Sys.getenv("COLUMNS"))
RSharedLibrary?: MAKEFLAGS='LDFLAGS=-lm\ -lgsl' R CMD SHLIB *.c
RLaTeX: see demo(plotmath)
RPlotLimits?: par("usr") returns c(xlim[0], xlim[1], ylim[0], ylim[1]) of current plot
AccessingComponents?: showMethods(classes=class(obj)) shows you the functions that can operate on obj, including ones to access its components
RTransparentColors?: alpha parameter
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