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How do I put text above a symbol for example...w above \rightarrow or \mathcal{L} above \rightarrow?

This produces a \mathop with the horizontal spacing appropriate to a one of those (\sum for example). An arrow is normally treated as a math relation so this should be wrapped in \mathrel{}. That
is essentially the latex definition of \stackrel and the plain tex definition of \buildrel as in \buildrel {\cal L}\over\longrightarrow.  Or
Much better for math relations.

I have found that \stackrel  may not use the same font on top and bottom, but this works:
\mathop{\sum_{j=1}^n}_{j\neq i}
to layer the condition j i under the sum over j .

Also see \underbrace{a+b}_{\mbox{text below}}
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