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You must think us teachers are mighty backwards for forcing you to do this crap called calculus.  Or maybe lazy 'cause we couldn't be bothered to update our material.  I mean, don't we know there are perfectly good and easy solutions out there?  Don't old morons like us know how to use the internet?  Well, think about this, young squirt (that means young one, not what google tells you external link!): I can't give you the problems where having these calculus skills worked out and practiced on simple examples pays dividends.  I can't do that until you have built the skills on simple problems.  I mean, I've tried, and boy did you get pissed!  This learning conundrum is what's called a classic Catch-22 (yeah, urban dict's got that for you external link).  Back in the olden days, when there was no internet, students were forced to follow the teacher's lead.  Like idiots, we did all the problems the hard way because we had to.  And we learned.  It was hard, not like this mysterious flicking of fingers you do on that gizmo gadget you got there.  In your case for this purpose, the internet is your worst enemy.  If problem solving were as simple as a clever google search and modest modification of an existing solution, then we wouldn't need to train you young folks to solve our problems.  We'd just program the computers to do it for us.  Trust me, it is a lost easier to program a computer (yeah, I do know how!) than to "program" you.  The computer doesn't make me feel like I am torturing it.  It also follows my damn instructions, unlike you!

Here, listen and think more about the broader implications of what you are and are not training yourself to do now.  Think about what you'll be doing later in your career (if you have one), you know, when your old like me and can't learn new shit anymore: end of white collar jobs? external link
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