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The Vietnam war seems totally pointless from our perspective here in 2008.  A similar fate will befall the Iraq war.  If it's goal was to insure a ready supply of cheap oil for the future, then it has failed miserably.  The only way to accomplish that goal is to invest far more money and people into stabilizing the country.  It would also probably mean destroying a lot of Iraqis who want to control the destiny of their own country (just as we prefer to control our country's destiny).  It would also force us to drop this farce of wanting to help the people of a country have a better, democratic life.  Just as that goal was bogus for Vietnam (read the above article to see how we use the people now), it is bogus for Iraq.  There seems nothing so clear as these truths, but so many Americans continue to believe something else.  Perhaps the drivel pumping out of their IPods is preventing them from thinking.

Sorry, but loss of life for no purpose whatsoever, gets me really angry.
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