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0Wrapping Text around figures

  {\label{fig:leadfield} Electrocardiographic lead field for use
in the student lab for Bioengineering 6000 class.}]

In this lab, you will record the standard limb leads in sequence,
according to the diagram below:

The goal for the Frank electrode system is to capture the
three-dimensional extent of the heart dipole.  For this, it is
necessary to measure potential differences not just in the frontal
plane, as in the limb leads, but along the antero-posterior
(front-to-back) axis of the body.  The diagram below illustrates the
original Frank lead system \cite{RSM:Fra56} and we will use a
simplified version of this.


Note that despite what the documentation says, this does not work for centering a figure and having text wrap around both sides. And it also doesn't seem to work within beamer frames.
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