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Subject: reality check

You have been quoted in the following public conversation about the remaining five supreme court justices:

DEACE: I think these are shameless, brazen, immoral people that are open enemies of God.
ENOS: That’s true.

And you seem to believe that you should do everything in your power to remove the remaining justices.

I think emotions are running out of control.  I would like to remind you that the constitution also protects those who practice other religions and believe in other Gods, including Gods that disagree with YOURS.

Please back up from the emotion and realize that to defend the constitution you must defend these justices.  If you effectively take away the power of the judiciary and put in new justices JUST BECAUSE one set of justices disagree with you on ONE ruling, then you will have undermined the constitution and the goals of our founding fathers to create a balanced government.

In learning history, I sometimes cannot believe how some people, in their day, were blind to the injustices they were supporting or causing.  I've wondered, "Would I recognize these people if they were amongst us today?"  I see several these days, and one is you.

I am riding in this car with you, but have no voice on the radio or in the legislature.  I'm pounding at the floor with my foot, trying to find the break and stop this crazy emotion, before our state and country drives off the cliff.  You are one of the drivers.  Please get control of yourself and the car!


P.S.  If you think gays are pushing us toward some other cliff, I implore you:  You can have that debate, but undermining the principles that founded this nation is NOT the solution.
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