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0The Statistics Green Team

Members (random order): Dan Nettleton (dnett), Edith Landin (eel), Erin Buchanan (ebuchana), Eunice Kim (ekim), Heike Hofmann (hofmann), Jeanette Lagrange (jeanette), Justin Funk (funkju), Karsten Maurer (karstenm), Meng Tian Ye (mengtian), Misha Rajaram (mishar), Petrutza Caragea (pcaragea), Reka Howard (howardr), Russ Hoffman (russh), Ted Peterson (cpterson), Wang Li (firowang)


0Suggested Projects

Snedecor Energy Usage external link: electricity, steam, and chilled water usage
Snedecor Energy Plan external link: operation times, temperature set points, rules of operation.
Live Green Loan Fund external link: apply for money to fund projects that will pay for themselves within 5 yrs.
Bill Diesslin's tips for saving energy in the office external link
Live Green external link: lots of information about green happenings on campus
DormanResearch:SnedecorEnergyData external link
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