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Prepare a 10 minute presentation about your project.  The goal is to practice communicating clearly about a a scientific problem and the statistics you applied (or will apply) to it.  More important than delivering a lot of results is a demonstration of your ability to use statistical language clearly and correctly.  You should:

Teams have complete control over who and what will be presented.  Not everyone need present, but you will be evaluated by your audience and peers, one evaluation per presentation, so make sure you participate in preparation of the presentation even if you don't speak.

0Written Report
Prepare a scientific report describing your project.  Please fit your reports into 6 pages single-space pages including figures and tables, 1 inch margins.  More important than length is clarity and inclusion of these four parts:
I know some of you have done a lot of work and 6 pages may seem short, but you must be selective in what figures and results you choose to include in order to make your story as clear and compelling as possible.

0Relation to HW5
If you will not turn in HW5, then this written report will count as your HW5 grade.  If you do not turn in HW5, this written report is required to use some method discussed in class or a new method as long as you clearly show you understand the method.  In other words, do not only use black-box software without showing an understanding  of its innards if you do not turn in HW5.  If you turn in HW5, you have more freedom, but you should still discuss black box assumptions and interpret results carefully.

Here are some examples of previous presentations and written reports that were rated well.

The 2007 evaluation form to see how you will likely evaluate yourself and others.  I'll change percentages to 50% written, 30% oral, 10% self-evaluation, 10% peer-evaluation (same for solo artists, but peer will be class evaluation only).
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