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0Sample Projects from Previous Years

Self Evaluation [pdf], [latex] 20%
Peer Evaluation 20%
Oral Report 30%
Written Report 30%
The oral presentation will be 15 minutes during the last day of class or finals week (sign up below), with 5 minutes for questions.  The presentation may be delivered by one person or multiple people, but everyone should be able to answer questions about their project following the presentation.  The written report should be in the form of a scientific paper (Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, References).  Length is variable, depending on space needed to introduce and describe your project, but I would expect it to be at least 3 single spaced pages.  Details about self and peer evaluation will be posted here.  Written reports are due during the final exam period, December 11.
0Presentation Schedule
Unless we have previously discussed it, you are expected to come to the class, both Dec. 6 and on final exam day (Tuesday, December 11 at noon in the regular classroom).
Presentation Time Group
Dec. 6 12:40-1:00 Group - NetworkFlowData
Dec. 6 1:00-1:20 Group - EvolutionaryAlgorithm
Dec. 6 1:20-1:40 Deepak Reyon - IsomerizingProlines
Dec. 11 12:00-12:20 Ryan Babbitt - SMTPerformance
Dec. 11 12:20-12:40 Rafael Jordan -  ProteinProteinInterface
Dec. 11 12:40-1:00 Matthew Miller - FinancialTimeSeries
Dec. 11 1:00-1:20 Group - ProteinRNAInterface
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