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0STAT536 - Statistics for Population Genetics

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Stat 536. Statistics for Population Genetics.  (Cross-listed with GDCB). (3-0) Cr. 3. Alt. F., offered 2008.  Prereq: 401, 447; Gen 320 or Biol 313. Statistical models for population genetics covering: selection, mutation, migration, population structure, and linkage disequilibrium. Applications to gene mapping (case-control, TDT), inference about population structure, DNA and protein sequence analysis, and forensic and paternity identification. [syllabus]


[2008-12-23]: Didn't make grade deadline, but you can see them on WebCT? (Final Grade) along with homework and exam grades.
[2008-12-11]: Homework 10 & 11 solutions posted.
[2008-12-04]: Exponent of JC69 transition probabilities should be 4ut (not ut) in HW11.  (see my edit of Misha's notes for more details)
[2008-12-04]: All notes external link in one file: first draft, missing lectures without slides.
[2008-12-04]: (partially) commented version of molecular evolution handout posted
[2008-12-03]: Molecular evolution slides posted.
[2008-12-03]: Homework 11 corrected.  K80 transition probabilities were messed up.
[2008-11-23]: Homework 11 posted.  Deadline is Dec. 5th because of dead week external link  regulations.
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